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How Parents Can Help Their Child Live With PID

By May 31st, 2023No Comments1 min read

1. Medical

      • Provide accurate age-appropriate information and encourage the children to ask questions.
      • Having open and honest communication with your child.
      • Prepare your child for medical procedures.

2. Emotional

      • Help your child deal with feelings about the diagnosis.
      • Reassure that their feelings are normal and valid.
      • Give children the opportunity to voice out their feelings.

3. Social

      • Educate children regarding their condition.
      • Include siblings in discussions.
      • Identify role models for children.
      • Connect with trained peer support volunteers.

4. Family Life

      • Help your child lead as normal life as possible.
      • Having fun and maintaining family routines.
      • Treat children with PI as you would any other child.

5. Addressing Your Needs

      • Educate yourself about your child’s diagnosis.
      • Take good care of yourself.
      • Know when to seek help.

6. Coordinating Your Child’s Healthcare

      • Monitoring your child’s symptoms
      • Keeping accurate medical records of your child
      • List of your children’s current medications
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